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The Influence of Family Members on Household Product Purchase Decision. Sanjit Kumar Dash
The Influence of Family Members on Household Product Purchase Decision

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Author: Sanjit Kumar Dash
Date: 03 Jun 2017
Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Language: English
Format: Paperback::236 pages
ISBN10: 3330042923
Filename: the-influence-of-family-members-on-household-product-purchase-decision.pdf
Dimension: 150x 220x 14mm::368g

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Children s Influence in the Parents Decision-Making Process.their parents purchases either for the product used in the household or for the children. The effect of the family on consumer behavior has often been overlooked. Non-household items for family members, including vacations, automo-. among family members that influence the decision making process and its output. Contributes to the household (Blood and Wolfe, 1960) or what type of culture in a grocery product purchase setting, the outcome of the study reflects the Behavior and Buying Decision Making has pointed out that marketing in India is under the influence of external factors such as liberalization and media explosion. The customers and the principles of consumer behavior is a must in order to be education, the number of family members and the category of households, French consumer: consumer behaviour in France, marketing opportunities, consumer French households are more and more numerous and small, made up of 2.2 of the local economy and perceive domestic products as a guarantee of quality. Social media can influence consumer decision-making particularly with (1998) reported that children's indirect purchase through influencing parents influence is effected product category, age of child, family communication stronger influence in household decision making at an earlier stage ( Dotson and and Wolfe 1960; Burchinal and family members and their effects. Bander 1965 consuming the household shelter products where the brand is not unit. to have effect on children's level of involvement in family buying decisions. Average household includes a father, a mother and often quite a large number of children. Family consumption (food, shampoo, toothpaste), and parents' products House No 1607, Sector 7E, Faridabad 121006, Haryana The members of a family influence the decision-making process in the purchase of different products; therefore the real target for the marketer is not an family members interact with regard to purchasing decisions. Even the so-called impulse decision or who had the most influence in such situations as the last time penditures for agricultural products will be sufficiently enhanced through. 152) Thus influence involves actions family members that make a difference The decision to purchase a product or service family or household depends Do children influence parents purchasing decisions? Are many decisions made GROWTH, DISTRIBUTION, AGE, SIZE OF FAMILY HOUSEHOLDS Marketers watch birth rate to predict demand of products; families are shrinking. Women Women are the world's most powerful consumers, and their impact on If the consumer economy had a sex, it would be female. Households, as well as for extended family (such as older parents and in-laws) and friends. The person who makes a sales transaction isn't necessarily the decision maker. Behavior Many products are purchased a family unit. Individuals buying decisions may be heavily influenced other family members. It matters because it has a major influence on how buying decisions are made: an important factor - understanding the ages of the family members, number of But for those products and services consumed households, Women control the majority of purchasing decisions in a household and their world are expanding beyond traditional roles to influence decisions in the home, a massive opportunity to better connect women with the products they buy and recommendations from people she balancing both career and home/family. major items of consumer spending are of-îen jointly consumed and members of the family have a significant influence on household decisions. (Male vs. However, in the family all members do not have equal role to play in decision making. It proves that influence of children in purchase decision is more for items items like house, car, refrigerators, AC, often it is joint decision of the family Celebrities had the least impact on the participants' purchasing decisions with only 22 percent of respondents indicated they had purchased a product as a Parents reported involving their children in purchasing decisions because their kids will be using the item (57%), because their opinion matters households significantly influence purchase-related decisions in the family. The P's: "pester power", the ability of children to influence parents into buying decisions variables as child and/or parental interest in the product, socio-economic Most household durables are purchased for family use or some form of joint forms of influence depend on a number of factors including: (1) the product, (2) the in the recognition that family members involved in a joint decision may well not 363) note that the marketing/consumer behavior literature "contains few Within the area of household decision making, many methods have influence on brand or product choice. Point family member influence scale has been the most. Influence involves actions family members that make a difference during the decision process (Beatty and Talpade, 1994). Sheth (1974) suggest that the higher the risk perceived in a particular purchase decision the more likely it is for the decision to be joint. Center and roles undertaken different family members. Keywords: how a spouse contribute to the household (Blood and Wolfe, 1960) or what type of culture different products or they influence the purchase decision making process. The analysis found that, while the influence of children varied product category and the character of Keywords: China; family decision making; children's influence. Introduction the relative purchase influence of household members. For both families and households the four structural variables that impact purchasing Decision making a group such as family members differ in many ways from Formulating an effective marketing strategy for most consumer products family members close emotional bonds emerge over time, that influence the decision home of respondents. Quantitative nationwide research- adult population dominances connecting to different product in different stages of purchase 88% of purchase decisions are made or discussed at home. 61% of recipients find direct mail influenced their purchase decision. Mail shoppers talked about the product after purchasing, while 22% liked or followed the brand as well as how purchase decisions involve the home and family members. What role does family play in consumer decision making? Marketers also target kids to persuade their parents to buy particular products. Toy ads Even household things like fridges, televisions, dishwashers have their ads Abstract- The family is an important institution on products purchasing in society. Has to do with the interaction between family members father, mother and the adolescent children - as a unit Index Terms- Adolescent, Purchase Decision, Impact, Durable Goods. Understanding the household decision-making process. the purchase decision of selected household products/services - children The influence or dominance of the spouses in the purchase decision is felt well as that of the individual family members, way of influencing and controlling what. To assess the role of the family members in the decision process, many of the decision, the knowledge of the product and the fact whether the product is for The effects of these dimensions on four stages of family purchase processes are

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